Friday, October 17, 2014

Sony Details PS4's Big Update 2.0

So excited for themes on PS4!!!!
Sony has broken down the specifics of the PS4's next big update. Through a post on the Official PlayStation Blog, the company has a list of major fixes, which you can see detailed below:
  • Themes and Color
    • Themes are being introduced to the PS4. Similar to themes on PS3 and PS Vita, players will be able to purchase digital themes that change the background, background music and icons. These themes come in the form of simple generic to specific to game franchises. 
    • Aside from themes, players can also change the background color of the PS4's home screen.
  • Library:
    • PS Plus owners no longer have to download the PS Plus titles from the store. There will be an option to 'Add to Library', which will add the game to the player's library without downloading the game. 
    •  The Content area of the PS4 will now show 15 of the most used apps and games for players.
    • The Library will now have some filters, including alphabetical and type (game, app, TV, etc.) to help find items quicker.
  • Other Fixes
    • Players can now play music off of USB through the PS4. This functionality also allows players to play their own music in the background while playing games.
    • The PS4 will now suggest friends to players based on current friends and games the player has played.
    • Voice commands can now be activated by saying 'PlayStation' before issuing a command. A list of commands can now also be brought up with the 'All Commands' command. Some new commands have also been added, including 'Start Broadcast', 'End Broadcast' and 'Find Face.'
    • The Live from PlayStation app is getting overhauled, with new filters and channels, which include official PlayStation broadcasts as well as broadcasts from other people.
It seems like both Microsoft and Sony are taking player feedback very seriously with the new consoles. Are you excited about some of these new features on PS4? 

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