Monday, February 11, 2013

2D Platforming and Music Come to Life in Sound Shapes

Quick Note: Such simple execution and concepts help Sound Shapes shine through. Having a quick, fun and easy to approach campaign followed by Death Mode for the hard core 2D platformers and a smart and simple level editor, the game works well for just about any type of gamer. Add in the Cross Buy and Cross Save between the PS3 and Vita, and it's a solid package of gaming for only $15.

The 2D platformer has had a Renaissance of sorts over the past couple of years. From LittleBigPlanet to Rayman Origins to Super Meat Boy, it's hard to not be excited, especially growing up with the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo. What's unique is how each of these games differentiates (or doesn't differentiate) from the original platform champions. In Sound Shapes case, it differentiates in a unique way: the sound.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

inFamous 2 Blows Away the First in Every Way

Quick Note: inFamous 2 does everything bigger and better than the first. Abilities grow and are customizable, the story is far more engrossing and the combat is even more satisfying. Little fixes go a long way in this sequel, which is a must by for any die hard Sony Fan boy or third person action gamer.
Good or Bad: You Decide
With the first inFamous, I had a lot of hesitation. After getting it for free from Sony for the Great Playstation Outage, I sat on it for months. That was not the case with the sequel. After watching my room mate John play a bit and finished with inFamous: Festival of Blood, I was ready for inFamous 2. Almost too ready. I felt like I might have inflated my expectations for the game. How wrong I was. The game is amazing. Hands down, Sucker Punch has done an amazing job with the newest iteration of the series.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Graffiti Tags

I love graffiti. There's this sense of art and rebellion and expression all wrapped into one. I also am in awe on how quickly these pieces of art are pulled together. Here are a few pieces I've found recently: