Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Last Guardian is Still Being Worked On Says Sony

Five years and counting....
Despite what most believed (or wished), The Last Guardian did not make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show this year. However, fans shouldn't get scared, because the game is still in development, according to Sony president Shuhei Yoshida.
Speaking with Weekly Famitsu (translated by Kotaku), Yoshida-san discussed the future of PS4 as well as a cryptic update on The Last Guardian. 

Speaking on the release of the PS4 in Japan, Yoshida-san seemed pretty optimistic about the console.
"I think it's fine to start from there. If the number of PS4 users increases from there and they tell their friends, 'the games look prettier on the PS4,' or 'the loading time's faster,' or 'using the SHARE function is fun' then the sales for PS4 versions of games will increase and game creators may think 'let's focus on developing for the PS4 from here.'" 
The interviewer quickly followed with a question about the development of The Last Guardian. "Development couldn't be better," said Yoshida-san, before quickly following up with, "... That might be a bit of an exaggeration (laugh). We continue to work diligently on the game, so please look forward to it." For more news on Sony, The Last Guardian and gaming today stay tuned to The Jester's Court.

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