Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PS Vita Finally Gets Themes With Firmware 3.30, Out Tonight

Monokuma for all my apps?! Yes please!
PS Vita owners should know that tonight is the night for the big update. Firmware 3.30 is set to release tonight, and will include many new customization options for players to set up their Vita specifically to themselves.

The biggest addition for the PS Vita is the inclusion of themes. Players have been able to set the background of the Vita with images since the handhelds release, but now they finally get to set up themes, which not only change the background of the Vita, but the lock screen, icons and even the background music. Non-game themes will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, with game specific themes to come later on. I am personally excited for the Tearaway theme!

The next addition is the ability to see trophy rarity on the PS Vita. This functionality exists on the PS4 already, and it'll be nice to see the feature on the handheld. With each iteration it feels like Sony is bringing these two pieces of software closer and closer together, which is great. 

The final update is added functionality to the PS Vita Calender app, which will now allow players to send event files to friends (and non-friends) through email or the Messenger app. This is a lot of good content that fans of the handheld will be excited for, myself included. For more information on PS Vita, Sony or upcoming gaming news, keep it locked to The Jester's Court

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