Monday, October 21, 2013

Paint Your Way Through Unfinished Swan

Quick Fix: With a fantastic twist on a similar game play mechanic, a whimsical story and only a few hours to complete, the Unfinished Swan is another key proponent that games can be taken as art as well as a fresh and fun game.

As graphic fidelity gets better and technology gets more advanced, games will continue to grow more beautiful. Thus, the debate of whether games can be considered art becomes more muddled. To throw more fuel to the fire, Sony and Giant Sparrow have released Unfinished Swan, a beautiful and elegant video game that helps keep the medium in the art category.

The Episodic Adventure with Bigfoot Begins

Quick Fix: Jacob Jones is a great puzzle game for pick-up and play on the PS Vita and for a cheap price of $3.99, it’s an easy buy for gamers looking for light entertainment.

The PS Vita is in a unique position to port over games that are both mobile and console quality. So for every Uncharted, you’ll see a Fruit Ninja and for every Jetpack Joyride you’ll see an Assassin’s Creed, at least in theory. This makes the platform an amazing bed of experimentation and ports, with both good and bad games. Jacob Jones is a mix of both, as the game was designed for release on both mobile platforms and PS Vita specifically. Though it’s only Episode 1 out of 5, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery shines with tough puzzles and amazing presentation.