Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Game Announcements for November 22nd, 2014

Racing Combat Fun on Home Consoles coming in 2015
Despite being a slow news week (so far), quite a few game announcements have been made. These announcements contain both newly announced and release date confirmed announcements:
First up will be the mobile combat racer Table Top Racing: World Tour. The franchise is making the move from mobile platforms and PS Vita to home consoles in 2015, releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC as well as releasing on mobile phones. PS4 will receive the game first though. “[W]e feel that the PlayStation platform is our spiritual home. [A]s an indie developer, feels like a dream come true," says Playrise Digital CEO Nick Burcombe.

Tecmo Koei is pulling out one of its smaller franchises with Bladestorm: Nightmare. The sequel to Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War from 2007, the action franchise that puts you in control of a small band of warriors in all out war will release on PS3, PS4 and Xbox One early in 2015.

A brand new game from a brand new studio, Fractured Space will be releasing on Steam Early Access sometime next year. The free-to-play game is being developed by developers who have left Born Ready Games, the developers behind Strike Suite Zero. Fractured Space will feature massive online space battles, with players manning their customized fleets in zero gravity.

A World of Keflings finally gets a release date for Wii U. The Xbox 360 original will release on Nintendo's console on November 13th for $10. Ninja Bee, the developer, is looking into releasing the city building game in other territories as well. 
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