Friday, February 4, 2011

Cage the Elephant: Thank You Happy Birthday

I listen to many groups of rock bands, and I typically have a category I can put every band. Cage the Elephant has always been in my "Weird Music" grouping, and with this second album release it has become more apparent that my grouping is correct. This CD is fantastic, but I can easily see where some people will be turned off.

Perfect Ending to the Angry Trilogy

When the demo for the first God of War ( ) came out, I was in middle school and was an avid Final Fantasy junkie. A friend of mine had just introduced me to Devil May Cry and I decided to pick up the demo for God of War. I couldn't get past battling one Hydra head. I died ten times in five minutes and finally gave up and through the disc (that's right, demo discs) in the trash can. After that I refused to pick up the series. Time passed and God of War II came out as well as the PSP game Chains of Olympus ( ) but I still didn't want to touch them. For Christmas, my dad accidentally bought me the PSP game and in order to not hurt his feelings (he worked really hard to get me some good games that year) I opened the game and popped it in. After that, my eyes were opened.