Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UPDATE: Driveclub PS Plus Edition Delayed at the Last Second

Waited one year. What's a little longer, right?
Today on Facebook the team gave a simple update on the progress of Driveclub's server issues.

"During the next 24hrs we are running essential diagnostics to help us improve the performance of the servers," reads the status. "This may disrupt online play for you when you do get connected." The update continues, "We are sorry we don't have more news to share right now but we will keep working hard to get you all up and running online as quickly as we can."

The server issues are bound to effect this game, which is such a shame, considering how well received this delayed driving game has been. 

The Original Story:
Many gamers (myself included) went to the PlayStation Store last night in the hopes of getting the PS Plus version of Driveclub, only to find it was unavailable. Sony has confirmed in a newsbrief that Driveclub's PS Plus edition will be held back due to the game's servers taking a hit once the game launched.

PS4 owners were supposed to get the game at the launch of the console before being delayed for almost an entire year, and now PS Plus subscribers are being held off once more. Evolution Studios directer Paul Rustchynsky spoke out, stating that the studio is "temporarily holding back" this version due to server stress. "We are seeing a lot of activity and new social behaviours right now, but unfortunately this is pushing the servers to their absolute limits,"  Rustchynsky said in a Facebook post (found by Eurogamer)

No confirmation or information has been given about when the PS Plus version of the game will be available. For more news on Driveclub, PS4 and gaming today keep it locked to The Jesters Court.

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