Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Advanced Game Design Pitch

Here are some rough sketches for advanced game design. The first is of the characters and the second is of the environments.

Beat Your Friends For the Girl in Castle Crashers

Since it's inception, Xbox Live Arcade has released numerous games across all genres that have spiked the sales and creation of digital games. This same online market is what spurred Sony to create it's own online store, The Playstation Store, and has even opened a gateway for indie developers to actually release their own games online as well as the tools to develop these games. Towards the beginning of the life of this service, one particular game came out that shined above the rest. Even today, it is still one of the best selling game on the Live Arcade. This game is Castle Crashers, where you can run and help or hinder your friends as you play as four knights (at first) and take on the forces of evil to save your princesses.

Gaming New Year's Resolutions

IGN.com is pretty much my go to site for gaming, and they posted this interesting article about gaming New Year's resolutions. I have decided to complete this check list and adding a few rules of my own:

1.The game must be played to completion (if completion is possible) or a minimum of 5 hours
2.Each resolution must be a unique game, so no one game can cover more than one of the resolutions
3.Each Game must be played on a separate consoles

I will keep my games posted and give my ideas, updating with each new game added and completed. SO here's the beginning:

1. Play a Game Out of your Comfort Zone:
2. Play a Game With a Cutesy Art Style:
3. Play a Game That's Critically Diverse:
4. Play a Game a Little Under the Radar:
5. Play a Casual Game: Monster Dash by Halfbrick

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Zelda's Timeline

In a fantastic art book (that probably will not make it stateside) the Legend of Zelda time line has finally been revealed. All these years we fans thought they were just interconnected stories has been thrown out the window. What's the most interesting is that the Ocarina of Time is the focal point for a large majority of the history. Enjoy the image below.