Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Splice is the Reason Why Genetic Manipulation is Dangerous

There are times when you watch a movie and as the credits roll you are just stunned. Sometimes it is a good pause where you can't believe what just happened and you're excited and satisfied. Other times it's a stunned silence that fills the air because you can't believe what you just watched. After sitting through Splice with my two younger brothers and my best friend John, we all turned to each other and just stared in awe, only being able to utter the line "What the hell?!" For the rest of the weekend, despite going to a concert of one of our favorite bands and moving my father to Boone, NC, at the end of Sunday night my brothers and I could still not get Dren off of our minds. That's when you know a movie is good, at least in my book.
Even this Poster Can't Help Explain How Twisted this Movie is.