Friday, October 31, 2014

Nintendo Plans to Release Limited Edition Amiibos

So many offerings, so keep an eye out for your favorite!
Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently confirmed that outside the regular Amiibo figurines planned for release, the company will also create limited edition Amiibos.

Speaking to investors earlier this week, Iwata-san spoke of the amiibos, saying “as store shelf space is limited, some amiibo will remain stocked on the shelves as staple choices while some will be limited-time offers which will cede their positions to new ones once they are sold out.”

Iwata-san goes on to say, “with these offerings, I believe the Nintendo characters lined up on shelves, which usually only contain standard-sized boxes, will have an outstanding presence, and this means a lot to us.”

Fans of the little figurines should be excited for their release, but make sure to keep an eye out and grab your favorite while supplies last! For more news on Nintendo, Amiibos or gaming news today, keep it locked on The Jesters Court.

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