Friday, November 29, 2013

Why 'The Last of Us' Movie Needs a Different Ending

Spoiler Alert! Last of Us Spoiler Alert!

You have been warned.

So hours ago it was announced that 'The Last of Us' movie rights have been acquired by Sony. This is terrible. Or awesome. I guess it depends on your point of view. Regardless of what you may think, facts have proven that a majority of videogame movie cross overs are terrible.

Typically, they leave behind most of the universe it spawned from in order to make it more appealing to general audiences. This sucks for people like us who live, breath and sleep videogames, but it does make sense for these projects. The studios want to make money, and more people go do movies than play videogames, especially when you narrow it down to one particular franchise like "The Last of Us", which is not only a rather new IP, but a Sony exclusive. I know this, and I still hate it. But it's with this knowledge that I say that 'The Last of Us' movie needs to be different than the game. Not only to appeal to audiences that have not even heard of the game, but to retain the magic of the game for the players who cherish it.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Gaming Memories of This Generation

Gaming can offer so many experiences. The joy of reaching a high score on the leader board. The anger of getting shot in the back. The competition between you and your best friend as you race around the track. It’s amazing just how many different emotions and feelings you get from one game and how different those emotions are from others who play that same game. This is why games are art: they connect us, on an emotional level that is hard to tap into on any other medium. With the ending of the current generation in sight (though not quite here yet) there’s been a lot of reflection on the best moments of this past 8 years in gaming. Here are a few of mine. Spoiler Alert for those who have yet to play Journey, The Last of Us and infamous 2.

Proteus Let's You Explore With No Rhyme or Reason, For Better or Worse

Quick Note: Proteus is an interesting experience full of small surprises, but it feels like an incomplete experience. Great for quick jumps in and out, but it might be better to wait on a price drop before you dive in to this game.
Many games offer the freedom to do whatever it is your heart desires. In some ways, Proteus is that game, but emptier. Proteus feels like the start of a game concept rather than a full experience, but it is special and not like any other game out on the market.

Undead Adventures On the Go Suffer Slightly

Quick Note: The Walking Dead The Game: Season One is an amazing experience to play through, but the Vita port may not be the best iteration to play. If you only have a Vita though, $20 for the game and the download content is well worth the experience, despite the bugs.

In 2012, when the Walking Dead The Game: Season One hit the industry, it spread like a wild fire. It became game of the year across many publications, won numerous awards and succeeded across consoles and mobile platforms alike. Fall 2013, the game has finally made it’s transition to the PlayStation Vita, though not without a few snags along the way.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flower On The Go Is Still A Great Experience

Quick Note: Flower for Vita is a fantastic port with a tiny control problem that may lead to less immersion in the game world. That being said, it’s still amazing. Buy it.

Sony has made a name for itself by rallying the support of the independent gaming community. Though today they lead a giant mismatched army of crafty creations, five years ago the company was still dipping its toe into the pool of indie gaming. Around 2009 could be considered the turning point, andthatgame company’s release of Flower for PS3 would be the spark that started the fire. With the launch of the PS4 well underway, it makes sense to port such a highly regarded, easy to play game to the new power house. But let’s not forget the handheld port, which can hold a candle to it’s console brethren.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Batman on the Go Is Missing a Few Gadgets in the Utility Belt

Quick Fix: Though there is an interesting story for hardcore Batman fans, this attempt at bringing the fantastic series to portable consoles falls flat with shallow combat, boring level design and an overall bland aesthetic. For hardcore Dark Knight fans, wait for a price drop before you consider. 
Not long ago in 2009 Rocksteady Studios proved to the world that a great Batman game was not just feasible, but would be so good that it would launch a series that is the standard for open world superhero games today. And while it’s no surprise a new Batman hits consoles this fall for a third time, the Arkham series is finally transitioning to handhelds, though not without some caveats.
In Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate you take the reins as Batman once again as he infiltrates the prison Blackgate after a massive explosion has released the Penguin, the Joker and Black Mask. Cutscenes are done in a comic book style animation, with the voice actors reprising their roles from Arkham Origins, which is a nice touch. After saving Catwoman from some goons, you have the choice to tackle each ‘dungeon’ of the three big bads in any order.