Friday, October 24, 2014

Tons of New Details Released for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Smash in all it's HD glory!
Fans have been waiting with bated breath for Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Though they will have to wait a little while longer until November 21st, Nintendo has released a slew of new details regarding the console version of Smash.

Speaking though a special Nintendo Direct, the company released a landslide of information regarding the game.

First of all, the game will support up to 8 player matches. This functionality only works locally, but is not locked at a specific number between 2 and 8, meaning if there are only 7 players, a 7 player match is possible. 

Maybe this will replace the next set of Mario Party games....
The Board Game mode has been further detailed. Players will be able to play the mode, titled Smash Tour, similar to how Smash Run is played on the 3DS. Players spin a wheel to move forward. Landing on spots will give the player prizes, such as new characters. However, when two players collide, the battle begins. While progressing across the board, players take part in multiplayer minigames to increase stats for the character of their choosing.

Another mode, Master Orders/Crazy Orders, has also received details. The mode is a tournament mode, with players progressing further into more and more matches to win prizes. However, if the final match is lost, so are all the prizes. 

Eat your heart out, Skylanders.
Amiibo functionality has also been explained. Amiibos will launch with the Wii U version of the game and can be used to transfer character specific data to other players games. For instance, if you work through Smash Tour with Link on your game, you can load up that Link and take him to your friends house on Friday night to take him down. By transferring data, Amiibo characters will also get tougher as well as bring back special prizes picked up in away games. 

Players will now be able to create their very own custom stages. Utilizing a set number of background templates and aesthetics, players can then customize the stage using the Wii U gamepad to draw in details and move around platforms. There is also a list of classic Super Smash Bros. music to choose from. Once completed, it's time to battle!

Masterpieces mode was also announced. In Masterpieces mode, players will play through the classic games that the Super Smash Bros. characters hail from. Similar to NES Remix, players are charged with playing bite-sized versions of the classic games (minus the remixing). Time is short, so try to get through it as fast as possible!

New stages have also been detailed. The biggest surprise comes in the form of the Pyrosphere level, which houses fan demanded character Ridley, who, though not playable, acts as an environmental hazard. Other stages announced include Dual-plane Jungle Hijinks, which is based on Donkey Kong Country Returns, and The Great Cave Offensive, based on a level from Kirby Super Stars on the SNES. 

A new challenger appears!
The final announcement came in the form of a new playable character. Mewtwo will be making its way to Smash. Those who have (will) purchase both versions of the game will be able to download the Psychic Pokemon for free. Though still in development, players can expect to play with Mewtwo in Spring 2015.

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