Thursday, March 1, 2012

Run and Gun With Barry Steakfries

Casual Gaming is an oddity and a God send. It's helped push the gaming industry into the hands of millions and is one of the reasons why gaming is no longer just a hobby for geeks in basements of their parents homes. However, the gaming community is somewhat split. Some see casual games as a waste of time and below them, while others believe it's the next movement of gaming. Though I've never been thrilled by casual games, being a very big advocate of stories in games, I recently picked up Monster Dash made by Halfbrick Studios to fulfill my gaming New Year's Resolutions and was pleasantly surprised.
Barry Running the Vampire Level

UPDATE: Gaming New Year's Resolutions is pretty much my go to site for gaming, and they posted this interesting article about gaming New Year's resolutions. I have decided to complete this check list and adding a few rules of my own:

UPDATE: Resistance is Complete! Sorry 7 Little Words, You're Coming!

UPDATE: Monster Dash is Complete! Expect the review out soon. Next up, 7 Little Words!!!!

1. Play a Game Out of your Comfort Zone: 7 Little Words by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
2. Play a Game With a Cutesy Art Style:
3. Play a Game That's Critically Diverse: Resistance: Burning Skies by Nihlistic (review here)
4. Play a Game a Little Under the Radar:
5. Play a Casual Game: Monster Dash by Halfbrick


1.The game must be played to completion (if completion is possible) or a minimum of 5 hours
2.Each resolution must be a unique game, so no one game can cover more than one of the resolutions
3.Each Game must be played on a separate consoles

I will keep my games posted and give my ideas, updating with each new game added and completed. SO here's the beginning: