Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just Add Water Give Another Update on Oddworld on Other Consoles

More platforms, coming soon!
After a quick tweet touching on the Oddworld port of Wii U, Just Add Water has given a full update on progress for Oddword: New and Tasty on other consoles. Creator of the series Lorne Lanning recently spoke on the podcast Fragments of Silicon and gave an update on the other versions of the game.
The Wii U version of the game is complete, but is simply too large to be downloaded on the 8 GB hard drive versions of the console. This is obviously not a huge problem, however Lanning comments that there's no point releasing the game unless it can play on all versions of the Wii U.

Similar to the Wii U version, the PS3 and PS Vita ports of the game are coming up to technical hurdles. However, rather than having a lack of memory to be downloaded to the machine, the games are suffering from a lack of RAM to compute during gameplay. This has lead to larger platforming sections being chopped down into smaller chunks than what is possible on the PS4. The PS3 version also has some graphic tweaks that need to be worked out.

The PC and Mac versions are ready to go and will launch on Steam "as soon as possible." The Xbox One version should release shortly after the computer counterparts. 

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