Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nintendo Talks About 'Quality of Life' Device

Nintendo: From games to health care?
Years ago Nintendo teased fans with the development of a fitness device that would talk with Nintendo products. Today, the Japanese developer gives some details as to what this device will do. 

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed during a second quarter fiscal briefing that the device will be a collaboration between Nintendo and the U.S. company ResMed, a global manufacturer of sleep disorder treatments, that will map fatigue of the user. 

"Since fatigue per se is not regarded as a disease in the medical world, it is said to be a field where sufficient research has yet to be conducted." Iwata-san continues,  "we have been fortunate to encounter several experts who have been conducting cutting-edge research in the science of fatigue. Together, we are now developing technology to estimate fatigue."

The basic flow chart of how the device works.
Iwata-san goes on to say that the device will be small enough to sit on a bedside table and utilize microwave sensors to track sleep and send the data in QOL cloud servers to help users track individual sleeping habits.

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