Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The New 3DS Will Launch Outside Japan in 2014 - Gamer's Source

Hello and welcome to The Gamer's Source, your destination for gaming conversation. The New 3DS gets a release date for 2014 in a region outside Japan and we may see an HD version of Kingdom Hearts 3D. So, without further ado, the news: 

  • Kingdom Hearts 3D May Get an HD Remake  - Though very little Kingdom Hearts news was discussed at Tokyo Game Show this year outside of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD, there are small bits of information regarding the Kingdom Hearts franchise that have been picked up, including some interesting news about Kingdom Hearts 3D. Read more...
  • New Nintendo 3DS Gets Release Dates Outside Japan -
    Per an Australian focused Nintendo Direct, a release date has been given for the New Nintendo 3DS outside of Japan. Read more...
  • Short and Sweet, Murasaki Baby Hits All The Right Notes Until It Ends - The Take Your Time Review - The PS Vita is such a unique blend of hardcore gaming and phone interfaces. Most gamers despise the touch screen, but that mostly comes from developers not utilizing it properly. Though not perfect, the simple touch control scheme of Murasaki Baby helps bring you closer to Baby without getting frustrated, and the game is all the better for it. Read more...
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