Thursday, September 4, 2014

Microsoft is Giving Away Free Games with New Xbox One Purchases - Gamers Source

Hello and welcome to the Gamers Source, your destination for gaming conversation. Microsoft seems to be boosting it's console sales by giving away a free retail game with every purchase of Xbox One, including Destiny! So, without further ado, the news:

  • Microsoft is Giving Away Games: Starting September 7th and going through the 13th, Microsoft will be giving away one free retail game for every Xbox One console sold. New console adopters will be able to pick up one free game, with no exceptions. This means if you time it right, Destiny can be yours for free next week.

    This is a pretty smart move to get consoles moving right before the holiday hits. Considering how Xbox is behind in sales compared to PS4, but we haven't seen any public numbers on just how far behind it is, the numbers must be worse than originally thought.
  • FBI is Looking Into Internet Harassment of Game Developers: Only a week after creating a petition to fight against vitriol on the internet, game developers are now working with the FBI to find the more serious threats issued online. The International Game Developers Association, the group behind the petition, has now been contacted by the FBI to address the serious threats in an effort to crack down on the ridiculous online attacks the developers are enduring. "They noted a rise in activity," says IGDA executive director Kate Edwards. "They themselves monitor this activity, but they're focused more on cybercrime issues like hacking and very malicious harassment."

    This is perfect. For a long time these threats and harassment have grown more and more daring, and the only way to truly address these problems is with authority. Hopefully people will start to realize just how wrong they are, but this is the internet, so probably not.
Per usual, here's a small list of interesting, yet self explanatory news stories of the day:
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