Sunday, September 21, 2014

Big Boss Gets Help From The Animal Kingdom

Looks like they're recruiting a little young on Mother Base
Quiet isn't the only individual who will be helping Big Boss on his missions. Shown through some new footage at TGS this past week, Snake can also be followed into combat by his trusty companion Diamond Dog. 

Feel the fear
DD for short, the wolf is recruited through some optional objectives as a puppy. Once the critter is brought back to Mother Base, the puppy must be raised to adult hood on the base before he can join Snake on missions. Be careful though, because despite how cute he is, DD can actually die in combat, just like any other partner who joins Snake on a mission. You can see more screens here, and just so you know, he's sporting an awesome eye patch. For more Metal Gear Solid, TGS or gaming news stay tuned to the Jester's Court.

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