Monday, September 8, 2014

Is WB Following EA's Footsteps with WB Play? - Gamers Source

Hello and welcome to the Gamers Source, your destination for gaming information. A mysterious trademark could be hinting at a WB Games streaming service. So, without further ado, the news:

  • Another Publisher Streaming Service? - A recent trademark may hint at WB Games creating it's own streaming service similar to EA Access. 'WB Play' has been trademarked for "audio and video broadcasting services" and "entertainment services".

    This is what most people were afraid of when EA Access was announced. It's exciting to get these services, especially if you are an avid consumer of that particular publisher, but the fear is that as the amount of services increase and the amount of people who sign up for these services increase that these publishers will start releasing these games for their services only, requiring players to pay for every service to get every game. Only time will tell, but this is not a trend I am personally excited to see pop up.
Per usual, here is a list of interesting, yet self explanatory news stories of the day: 
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