Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ubisoft Open To More Smaller Projects After Child of Light's Success

The little JRPG that could.
Ubisoft is keeping it's smaller teams together in order to create more creator lead projects. This movement, which started with Child of Light and Valiant Hearts, has been so successful that the Child of Light team is already getting started on its next project.

According to a new interview in CVG, the team will move on without creative director Patrick Plourde, who has moved onto a new project already.  Ubisoft Montreal CEO stated just how important it was to him to have these smaller projects created amongst the 2500 person company. "It's not something I will ever impose, but if our proven creatives feel they want to do something personal then it's great to consider that." It'll be interesting to see what comes next from this small, talented team. For more news on Ubisoft or games today keep it locked to The Jester's Court.

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