Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Metal Gear News and More Super Smash Bros Characters Revealed - Gamers Source

Hello and welcome to the Gamers Source, your destination for gaming conversation. Renowned developer Hideo Kojima has released some more teases in the Metal Gear universe and More Super Smash Bros characters have been revealed. So, without further ado, the news:

  • A New MGS Collection and Quite's Abilities Teased - This morning on Twitter Hideo Kojima dropped a few teasers for fans of the Metal Gear Solid series. In the first photo teaser, Kojima-san released an image of a black screen with the phrase 'Metal Gear Solid 2014', indicating that there will be a new Metal Gear Solid collection releasing sometime this year. No further details have been revealed, though one can assume that this will be an HD upgrade of the collection that released on PS3.

    The second was actually a video that teases Quiet's abilities. The sniper jumps from a helicopter, disappearing in mid air for a split second before appearing behind a group of soldiers on what we can assume is Outer Haven. Then, there's a close up on Quiet's eyes, which turn pitch black before cutting out. More should be revealed soon, as TGS starts tomorrow.
  • A Plethora of New Super Smash Bros Characters Revealed - A bunch of new characters in Super Smash Bros characters were revealed in a Twitch stream of the 3DS version of the game. Streamer Hayama who is playing the game in Japan showed plenty of new characters, including a bunch of characters that you must beat the game to play as. Here's a list of all the characters, but be forewarned, because there are spoilers. 
Per usual, here's a small list of interesting, yet self explanatory news stories of the day:
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