Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Detail for The Tomorrow Children Emerge

As clones we fight!
Details about the Playstation exclusive The Tomorrow Children have been revelead. Speaking at TGS (and through a post on PS Blog) Dylan Cuthbert explains how the online game will work.

The Tomorrow Children takes place in a future where a Russian experiment went horribly wrong. The world is destroyed with everyone in it, except for the scientists and the white void filled with items created from lost dreams. Where there are dreams, there are always nightmares, in this case in the form of the Izverg, which come to attack the scientists. To fight back and rebuild the world, the scientist create clones, which is where the player comes in. 

The game is designed to allow the player to play with or without others, depending on how he/she feels. The game allows you to interact with others or simply turn them off so you can explore at your own pace and free will. However, the game world is always connected. So say you are digging a hole in one area, everyone in your town will see that hole, even when they choose to not play with other people. 
I'm going to make a castle!

This is even more interesting when you take into account that communication between players is done primarily through in game means, such as whistling or gesturing.  Finding a good middle ground to work with one another will be key to build and grow

Players will also assume roles within this sandbox game, including the scout like Radio Officer and the Engineer Commander, who utilizes explosives. These roles are assigned by police officers within the town, but players can mix and match gear as much as they like to fit a preferred play style. 

No release date has been announced yet, but stay tuned to The Jester's Court for more information about Sony, PS4 and gaming news.

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