Thursday, January 29, 2015

February Holds Ancient Greek and Sci-Fi Futuristic Adventures for PlayStation Plus Members

Today the PlayStation Plus games for the month of February, and they include the titular follow up to inFAMOUS Second Son.  
  • PS4 Titles
    • Transistor - Supergiant Games follow up to Bastion surprised everyone, and left me so in love with it that I still put on the soundtrack daily. Step into the shoes of Red, a Jazz singer who loses her voice and her lover in one bad night and decides to make those responsible pay. The world will suck you in and the action-RPG combat system is like nothing else out there. Check out my review here.
    • Apotheon - Stylized the same way that ancient Greeks used on frescoes and pottery, Apotheon is a 2D action game in which the Gods have left humanity behind. Take up your weaponry and prove that the Gods should have never turned their back on humanity.
  • PS3 Titles
    • Yakuza 4 - Visit Japan's seedy underground as you lead a team of four different members of the revered Yakuza gang. Take over the town and play in a number of ridiculous mini games as you rise to the top. 
    • Thief - The stealth franchise that started it all is back, and finally not only on PC. Step into the hood of master thief Garrett as you loot and pillage from the privileged, all while uncovering a nasty plot to take over the city.
  • PS Vita Titles
    • Rouge Legacy (Cross-Buy with PS3 and PS4) - Start building your legacy! Take on a procedurally generated castle, battling vicious monsters and gathering gold to make yourself stronger until you perish. But don't worry! Your legacy will live on in the next generation, who comes with new traits and new strengths. 
    • Kick and Fennick - After waking up in a strange world, little boy Kick and friendly robot Fennick team up to get through the dangerous land and get Fennick a new battery at the Core Tower.
Transistor is well worth a play through, if not for anything but the battle system and the music. Apotheon and Kick and Fennick look very interesting, and Rogue Legacy has been a game I've been dying to play on my Vita. What're you excited about?

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