Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New 3DS Gets a Release Date

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During the Nintendo Direct this morning, president of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils Aime announced the release date of the New Nintendo 3DS in America.

Launching February 13th, the newest iteration of the handheld sports more processing power, better 3D that follows your face, and the biggest change, a new C-Stick that will act like a second analog stick. The C-Stick will work with previously released titles that utilized the Circle Pad Pro, including games like Resident Evil Revelations. 

The New 3DS will also be able to interact with Amiibos, which will allow games like Super Smash Bros. 3DS to utilize the figurines similarly to the Wii U counterparts. And rather than utilizing standard SD cards for memory, the New 3DS will utilize Micro SD memory cards. Oddly enough, the system will not include an AC adapter to charge the handheld. 

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