Thursday, January 8, 2015

FCC Takes on Net Neutrality Next Month

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Net Neutrality discussions saw a lot of air time in 2014, and next month the Federal Communications Commission will finally vote on a new set of rules next month.

The news comes from GameInformer, which picked up the information from CES when FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said in a public interview that the commision would start voting on a new set of rules on February 26.

For the uninitiated, net neutrality is the concept of leaving the cost of bandwidth even for everyone across the board. There have been many rumors circulating the internet that large companies, such as Amazon and Netflix, would prefer to pay more money for more bandwidth, giving them an advantage over other companies who are unwilling to or can not pay for more bandwidth. 

Ultimately, this would lead to large corporations paying for advantages over smaller companies. Therefore, proponents of net neutrality, including President Obama, would prefer that bandwidth be distributed equally, without these 'fast lanes' available for purchase.  

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