Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ken Levine Talks About New Game on Twitter

Image courtesy of BleedingCool
With the new direction that Irrational Games (which will be getting a new name) is taking, founder Ken Levine has been very outspoken about trying to be as open as possible while the new game is being created. As such, Levine has taken to Twitter today to answer as many questions as possible about the new title. Here are some things I learned today:

Currently the game will be first person and exist in an entirely brand new "sci-fi ish" universe. This new title will revolve around what Levine is calling "Narrative Legos" or building blocks that allow players to independently build their own story out of what is available to them. These pieces will require voice acting, but in a very different way than typically done in game development, with actors working on lots of smaller pieces that can be taken apart and put back together rather than large dialog chunks. These pieces will also do away with Levine's typical three act structure and move closer to chapters. As such, the game will be "large-ish." 

The game is still very much at the beginning of development, with the team focusing on engine work, creating concept artwork  as well as prototyping gameplay. The game is currently being developed for PC only and Levine wishes to share what the team is creating in a different atmosphere than E3, though he did say he will be on a PAX East panel or two this year. 

This is all very interesting, especially seeing how early in development the game is. It will be interesting to see what Levine has in store for us as the game continues to be built. For more news on gaming today, keep your eyes on The Jesters Court. 

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