Thursday, December 18, 2014

Telltale Announces Minecraft: Story Mode for 2015

Nope. You did not read that wrong. Telltale is doing a Minecraft game.
Telltale Games is rolling out game franchise after game franchise, and it looks like the next one has been announced. Coming in 2015, Minecraft: Story Mode will be the next episodic game from the fabled developers.

Announced via the Telltale Games' blog, the game is in fact a new episodic game and not an add on to Minecraft. The game is being made in collaboration with Mojang, and will be set in the Minecraft world and involve a story heavily influenced by player choices. 

For those concerned that the game will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms, worry no more. A quick trip over to Mojang's blog reveals a small game that explains how the game is being made for Xbox, PlayStation, mobile and PC/Mac platforms. The post also clarified that this game will not create an official lore for Minecraft, but simply tell an interesting story set in the world of Minecraft. The desire for this collaboration came from Mojang receiving a lot of feed back asking for more in depth adventures into Minecraft, but the developer not wanting to dilute what makes the game so appealing to fans. 

Once again, it seems like it is impossible to dictate what it is that Telltale Games will do next. I'm excited to see where the developers go with this, despite not really caring about Minecraft. For more news on Telltale Games, Minecraft and gaming news today, stay tuned to The Jesters Court. 

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