Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Clone Yourself or Run Around Seattle With Neon for January's PS Plus Games

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Today the PlayStation Plus games for the month of January, and they include the titular follow up to inFAMOUS Second Son.  
  • PS4 Titles
    • inFAMOUS: First Light - The follow up to the PS4's first inFAMOUS title, First Light puts you in the shoes of Fetch before the events of Second Son. If you haven't played Second Son, don't worry, because this game is built for both old and new players. While the story is short, the combat arenas are amazing! Check out my review here.
    • The Swapper (Cross Buy with PS Vita and PS3) - Stuck on an abandoned space station, you must find a way out using your wits and the only tool available to you: a cloning device. Deeply creepy and smart, The Swapper looks to test your mind more than your reflexes. 
  • PS3 Titles
    • Prototype 2 - Looking for super powers and an open world, but don't have PS4? Well Prototype 2 is perfect for you. Play as James Heller, a man infected with the Blacklight Virus, granting him super powers to take down Alex Mercer, the man who ruined his life.  
    • Ducktales Remastered - Relive the days of platforming perfection with Ducktales Remastered. Built from the ground up, this remake of the SNES classic game puts you in the shoes of Scrooge McDuck, who must use his Pogo platforming skills to keep his riches.
  • PS Vita Titles
    • Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition - One of the most iconic franchises from the early 90's is now playable on the go. Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition includes the original and enhanced versions Duke Nukem 3D along with three of the DLC bonuses.
    • Whoa Dave! - From the developers behind Bit.Trip.Runner comes another addictive, score chasing game. Whoa Dave! puts you in control of Dave Lonuts as he jumps and throws to take out enemies and fill his pockets with cash.
inFAMOUS: First Light is well worth the $15, so getting it for free is amazing for fans of the franchise. The Swapper has received rave reviews and I've been looking for a great puzzle game to play on the Vita. This month is fairly rock solid.

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