Friday, November 21, 2014

PSN Hacked Again?

Is history repeating itself?
Sony's PSN may have been hacked again. Fabled hacker group 'DERP', the same group that attacked Steam, Origin and earlier this year are at it again, supposedly hacking the PlayStation Network, Windows Live and 2K Game Studios accounts.

Speaking through a number of tweets (picked up by Cnet), the group says they have thousands of usernames and passwords for members of the various online networks, totaling around 7 million when you combine all 3 networks. The group even says they have credit card details for hundreds and thousands of users.

To anyone with accounts on these networks, it is important that you swap out your passwords now. Go here to change your PSN account information. For more news on PSN, Sony and gaming news today, stay tuned to The Jesters Court.

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