Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Binding of Isaac Leads the Charge for November's PlayStation Plus Games

So disturbing, but oh so good.
Today the PlayStation Plus games for the month of November have been announced, and it is full of little surprises.

The games include the PS Plus version of Driveclub, which is simply a bonus and does not take up one of the PS4 games of the month. For the full list, continue reading below:
  • PS4 Titles
    • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Cross Buy for PS Vita) - Making it's PlayStation debut, this 2d rouge-like comes from one of the creators of Super Meat Boy. Take on procedurally created dungeons fighting enemies with a random assortment of over 450 items.
    • Steamworld Dig (Cross Buy for PS Vita) - Take Metroid, mix it with mining and place it in a Western and you get Steamworld Dig. The game is surprisingly addictive, and perfect on both PS4 and PS Vita. Stay tuned for my review soon.
  • PS3 Titles
    • Frozen Synapse Prime - Debuting on the PS Vita first, this strategy RPG makes its console debut. Control you small army while trying to out think your opponent every step of the way to help take over the city of Markov Geist.
    • Luftrausers (Cross Buy for PS Vita) -Glorious old-school 2D shooting action turned up to eleven, Luffrausers puts you in the pilot seat of your customizable ship as you take on enemies from land, air and sea. Utilize over 125 different ship parts to take on the 100 missions and become the best pilot there is.
  • PS Vita Titles
    • Escape Plan (Cross Buy for PS4) - One of PS Vita's launch games, help lead Lil and Laarg through dozens of dangerous levels. Use all aspects of the PS Vita, including touch and tilt (though the new update also allows button controls!) to solve the mind bending puzzles and escape before it's too late.
    • The Hungry Horde - Launching today for PS Vita, The Hungry Horde puts you in control of your own zombie army. Race the clock and try to cause as much damage as you possibly can.
I just recently finished Steamworld Dig and it was great. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth looks really good and The Hungry Horde and Luftrausers look like great distractions over Turkey Day. For more news on Sony, PlayStation platforms or games today, keep it locked to The Jester's Court.

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