Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gaymer X May Live and a New Pokemon Game is Announced - Gamer's Source

Hello and welcome to the Gamer's Source, your destination for gaming information. A brand new Pokemon game has been announced, but not any typical Pokemon game, and the Gaymer X conference may just stay alive. So, without further ado, the news:

  • A New Pokemon Game from Bandai Namco?: Announced officially today, Bandai Namco is creating Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon fighting game. Though only confirmed for arcade cabinets in Japan, one can imagine that this game will eventually release globally. The game is being developed by the Tekken team.

    This is HUGE news! Pokemon is a baby that is only passed on to other developers when doing the smaller, less important spin offs, and most of those developers are smaller than Game Freak. It's extremely interesting to watch the Pokemon brand grow out of it's RPG roots into other genres, and the Tekken team is really good at nailing down stellar fighting mechanics. It'll be interesting to watch this relationship grown between the Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco.
  • Gaymer X Turns to Kickstarter: After losing funding this passed year, Gaymer X is once again going to Kickstarter to fund next year's convention. Despite a few set backs this year, which including NIS America pulling funding, the convention organizers plan to obtain all the necessary money via Kickstarter to ensure that no issues come again next year.
  • Google Willingly Backed Out of Twitch Deal: According to sources, Google backed out of Twitch deal do to murmurs of antitrust dealings. Because Google already owns YouTube, many were concerned that buying up another streaming service could lead to accusations of the company building a monopoly. Due to these concerns, a deal could never be reached and Twitch went on to other suitors.

    This makes a whole lot of sense. Everyone brought this topic up when the rumors were circulating that Google was going to purchase Twitch. I still am concerned about how Amazon will run Twitch now that it's been acquired, but only time will tell.
  • Capcom is Suing Koei Tecmo: A patent lawsuit has been filed from Capcom against developer Koei Tecmo Games. The lawsuit sites infringement of technology to distribute extra content to owners of the game, and sites numerous entries in the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games. Capcom is looking for $9.4 million in damages for this technology infringement, though no further details have been revealed.

    Video games just seem to end up in court these days. It's always a stark reminder that despite how much enjoyment we get out of games, it is still a business oriented industry.  Hopefully this will be a quick decision so both companies don't have to focus on court fees and instead focus on bringing us some more games.
Here is also a list of interesting, yet self explanatory items from today's news:
  • Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham nails down a release date.
  • The Legend of Kora game will release on October 22nd. 
  • Co-op multiplayer revealed for the next Dragon Age.
  • The next set of cars have been revealed for Forza Horizons 2.
And that is all! Don't forget to share this page with your friends and family who enjoy gaming. Feel free to leave some comments down below about today's news. Are you excited about a Pokemon fighting game from Bandai Namco? Do you wish Google had stuck to it's guns and bought Twitch? Sound off in the comments below. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @Jesterhead0302 and, as always, keep the conversation going. 

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