Friday, August 29, 2014

A New 3DS Has Been Announced - Gamers Source

Hello and welcome to the Gamers Source, your destination for gaming conversation. Nintendo announces a redesigned 3DS and that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming exclusively to the 'New' 3DS. So, without further ado, the news:

  • Nintendo Announces the 'New' 3DS - During a Nintendo Direct in Japan this morning, Nintendo has announced a new model of 3DS. The handheld is being dubbed the 'New' 3DS and sports faster processing, Amiibo functionality, and most notably, a new 'joystick' nub. Unlike the slider joy stick on the handheld now, this new 'joystick' nub is the size of one of the face buttons and is located directly above them. Pricing and release details are still to come, but an exclusive game has already been announced for the handheld. Xenoblade Chronicles will launch next year for the new handheld, but will not be playable on the older 3DS models. The model also comes with a built in internet filter, which costs $0.30 to turn off. This is a new version of parental controls that Nintendo will help keep children off of inappropriate websites.

    This is great, but seems like a half measure. The new 'C stick' looks incredibly small, and it seems almost like Nintendo was to afraid to create a full new redesign. This is understandable, but then the company announces the first game that is ONLY compatible with the 'New' 3DS. So if there are going to be exclusive games made only for the 'New' 3DS, why didn't Nintendo suck it up, add a real joystick that matches the current joystick and make the handheld backwards compatible with 3DS. It is exciting to see, despite the confusion, and having put off buying a 3DS, I will probably buy the 'New' over the old.
  • Nintendo to layoff over 190 Employees - With good news always comes bad. Unfortunately, due to outsourcing, Nintendo will be laying off 190 confirmed employees, though as many as 300 have been reported. Though these employees are technically temporary employees, many of them have been working exclusively for Nintendo for years. This is unfortunate, as Nintendo seems to finally be hitting it's up swing. My best of wishes go out to all of those whom are effected.
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