Monday, January 6, 2014

Gamer's Source: 1-6-14

Another day, another dollar...for someone at least. Welcome to Gamer's Source, a daily news segment with the top five news stories in gaming today. As always, there are opinions and speculation, so feel free to share your own in the comments. Without further ado...


Nintendo must officially pay out for a patent used in it's 3DS handheld systems. The company was found guilty of the patent infringement in the 3D display technology, which was patented by Tomita Technologies, and now U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff has chosen to let Nintendo pay Tomita a percentage of the handheld sales in order to compensate for the infringement, on top of a fine of $30.2 million in damages.

This is a rough blow for Nintendo. Patent infringement is always a no no, and this is a hefty sum. However, the 2DS is becoming quite a big success, so the gaming company may chose to discontinue the 3DS altogether, or possibly push out a new handheld faster (though the later is very unlikely). Though this could also mean nothing, as the 3DS is outselling it's competition in all territories and is making Nintendo a huge chunk of change (unlike it's console the Wii-U).

Thank you NeoGAF for the info.


Microsoft's Rob Semsey confirmed on Twitter today to a fan that the next iteration of Halo will indeed be released in 2014. This will be great for Xbox One owners who don't have too much to look forward to past Titanfall and great for Microsoft which is in open combat with Sony to obtain the top rank as the greatest new console of the newly launched generation.

Number THREE!

Speaking of Microsoft, the Xbox One has officially sold 3.2 million consoles by the end of 2013. Microsoft released the number through it's official website, thanking consumers for the sales.

Sales numbers are always interesting to hear about, but this back and forth between Microsoft and Sony will get old real fast. Don't be surprised if Sony announces it beat 3 million in PS4 sales tomorrow.

Number  FOUR!

The Next-Gen Hitman game is officially cancelled, as a representative from the creative studio IO Interactive told Polygon today. This is slightly unsurprising, as the development studio was shifted last year from AAA console games to phone and tablet games as it's major focus. This is very upsetting, as the last game in the franchise was absolutely amazing and I personally was really looking forward to seeing the stealth action in this new generation.


Speaking to Polygon, 2K Games has decided to not renew the MLB 2K series for 2014. This comes as not surprise to many, as 2K indicated in 2012 that the company was nearing it's final game in the series, and with the newest iteration receiving low scores, it seemed pretty inevitable. There's still the Show for all you baseball fans, but that requires the power of PlayStation.

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