Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gamer's Source: 1-27-14

Another day, another dollar...for someone at least. Welcome to Gamer's Source, a daily news segment with the top five news stories in gaming today. As always, there are opinions and speculation, so feel free to share your own in the comments. Without further ado...

Number ONE!

Microsoft has officially bought the rights to Gears of War and has passed along the development duties to Black Tusk Studio. In a move that was more than likely made to keep the franchise exclusive to Xbox, the purchase also includes the employment of Rod Ferguson, who helped create the franchise. It'll be interesting to see this new studio pick up the reins on a franchise that is such a big cash cow for Microsoft. 

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Number TWO!!

Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that players will no longer pay subscription fees per game, but one fee for all of its online games. Speaking with Reddit, John Smedley, chief of SOE, stated that the company will give subscribers get 500 in game credits a month on top of %10 discounts within in game stores. This is clearly a win for both Sony and the players, as players can continue to play free-to-play or pay the subscription and enjoy the benefits across the board without paying more than $15 a month and Sony will more than likely get more subscribers because of it.  

NUMBER Three!!! 

John Smedley also confirmed that EverQuest Next will be coming to PS4 alongside PlanetSide 2. The trend of MMO's moving to consoles seems to only be growing (especially free-to-play games), which is great for players who want a lot of options for gaming on the couch. 

NUMBER Four!!!!

If rumor is to be believed, Nintendo is planning to release games on mobile devices. According to Japanese publication Nikkei, the company will release small mini-games and videos to popular phone platforms. This is incredibly enticing amidst the terrible financial news for Nintendo, and could lead to what many consumers have been clamoring for: Nintendo franchises on mobile platforms. Personally, I'd be surprised if we saw anything outside of Wario-ware type games, but only time will tell.

inFamous: Second Sons will have absolutely no multiplayer. Speaking with Taiwanese site UDN, Ken Schramm, brand development manager, clarified that the game is built from the ground up with single player in mind and that there was never any intention otherwise. This is great news for those who feared a thrown in multiplayer that seem to just pop into games while in development.

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As always, talk in the comments below and check back in tonight for more gaming news. And please, keep the conversation going. 

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