Thursday, January 2, 2014

Daily News 1/2/14

Now that the holidays are over, the world of gaming news is starting to pick up. Here are a few of today's biggest stories:


Activision has announced today via it's Facebook page that it's licenses agreements with Marvel have expired and it's Marvel games will no longer be available for purchase via digital mediums, i.e. the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live. The games include the newest Deadpool game and various Spider-Man and X-Men games.

On top of all Marvel/Activision games, Capcom has also pulled Marvel Vs. Capcom games as well.

This is all an unfortunate side effect of living in a digital world and is a shame for fans of the franchises, as they will now have to hunt down disc copies, which means more used game sales (and less profit for the companies who made the games).


Hideo Kojima, the renowned creator of Metal Gear Solid, announced via Twitter that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be hundreds of times larger than Ground Zeroes, the prologue to the game. Though interesting, it's hard to really care too much about this news, as Ground Zeroes won't be out until March 18th and the full installment, the Phantom Pain, won't be out for quite some time after that. I'd say wait for Ground Zeroes until we get excited about the size of Phantom Pain.

Number THREE!!!

Sony has released a new patent to not only suspend emulated games, but introduce new content without reverse engineering the game from it's source code. This could mean great things for Sony's Gaikai service that will allow players to stream PlayStation games from previous generations on the PS4. This is exciting news, because it could mean that Sony has finally found away to update old PlayStation classics to include trophies as well as add in content for older games.

Number FOUR!!!!

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft revealed that it almost DID NOT include a disc drive on it's newest console the Xbox One. This would render the console as a digital medium only, segregating thousands of players who have terrible internet or no internet at all, including the US Military, who are not allowed to play games online or use online gaming services while on any military base. This would also mean that no user would own their games, as all digital games on all consoles are not technically owned by the purchaser, but owned by the service provider. This probably would have been the nail in Xbox's coffin, so at least someone at Microsoft has a brain.


A new teaser site has emerged, hinting that Square Enix is creating a new crossover game with the studio Gloops. Gloops is a studio fairly unfamiliar here in the US, but is well known in Japan for it's social games. This is cool, but probably some social game that will not be released in the US, so disappointing at the same time.

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