Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gamer's Source 1-21-14

Another day, another dollar...for someone at least. Welcome to Gamer's Source, a daily news segment with the top five news stories in gaming today. As always, there are opinions and speculation, so feel free to share your own in the comments. Without further ado...

Number ONE!

Microsoft owned studio Lionhead is officially working on a non-Fable related game. In an interview with Eurogamer, the studio boss John Needham said that "while we are primarily a Fable studio, we are making other games as well." Said games are currently being worked on and will not be "Fable-esqe". This is fantastic as the studio is full of talented people and the Fable franchise is dying a slow and painful death as Microsoft tries to milk it for every penny.

Number TWO!!

Speaking with PCR, general manager Frank Azor has confirmed that Alienware will be releasing a brand new Steam Machine every year. "Life cycle wise, consoles update every five, six, seven years; we will be updating our Steam Machines every year." This just leads to more speculation as to who will actually be buying these machines. I personally am still quite confounded.

NUMBER Three!!!

Candy Crush developer King has trademarked the word "Candy" in Europe. First spotted by Gamasutra, the developer has since released a statement saying "we have trademarked the word 'CANDY' in the EU, as our IP is constantly being infringed and we have to enforce our rights and to protect our players from confusion." Though just recently approved, there is still a span of one month in which people can petition against the trademark. Though their is some logic to this madness, someone owning a general word as candy is still a bit scary.  

NUMBER Four!!!!

PS4 consoles have been reported with a bug that is deleting saved files, according to a 40 page forum post on the PlayStation Support site. The bug is corrupting save files and can even result in a loss in the ability to open any apps on the console. Though disheartening, Sony has since posted a solution to the problem on the same forum. Oh technology, how you vex us sometimes.


Microsoft has partnered with Machinima to pay YouTubers who are reviewing Xbox One positively. Spotted by ArsTechnica, the video makers are being payed $3 for every thousand views they receive. The promotion went through December and Microsoft and Machinima have since released a joint statement that no Microsoft employees could participate in this promotion. EA is also suffering such claims via NeoGAF. Though not illegal, this is pretty crafty and sneaky for these companies and really it just feels dirty.

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