Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Daily News 1/1/14

After five days, here are five more news stories swimming around the internet:

Microsoft has reported it will look into helping the independent studio Hello Games after the UK developer’s studio was washed away in a flood over the Christmas holiday. The small studio has reported that its current projects have been saved remotely, but the insurance company will not cover the loss.

Whether you like the company or not, it’s pretty nice to see a giant company like Microsoft think about this smaller developer. Of course, I won’t speak too soon, as Microsoft hasn’t actually done anything. Just said they would help, and we can always trust Microsoft, right?

Speaking of Microsoft, the company has finally decided to step up its Games with Gold program by adding the download iteration of Tomb Raider: Guardians of Light and Sleeping Dogs to the January lineup.
This is exactly what Microsoft needs to do, but with Sony killing it with the offerings in PS Plus, Microsoft is still making it hard to justify the $60 asking price of a Gold Membership. Two games a month compared to Sony releasing a minimum of 4 games across three platforms, we need more Microsoft. 

Number THREE!
Hackers have attacked the multiplayer online gaming servers for League of Legends, Dota 2,,, and Club Penguin. The group calls itself DERP and has been reported as taking down all the severs ‘For the lulz’. The servers are all still having issues and are recovering.
This is just frustrating all around for gamers and the companies alike. Juvenile attacks like this just piss off the companies effected and the players who are kept from playing these games. 

Number FOUR!
Today on Batman: Arkham Origins Facebook page Warner Bros. has put up a picture of an invitation to the Gotham City Humanitarian of the Year celebration. This image follows the teases put up on the game’s wall on Christmas Eve, and hopefully hints to the Story DLC the company has talked about in the past.
Though Origins had its problems, the story and the game were still quite amazing (look for my review soon). Since beating the game, I could use another reason to come back to Gotham, and more story content is just the thing.
UPDATE: The download content will more than likely revolve around Mr. Freeze, as a new photo has arisen. source
Devil’s Third is still in production. The game, headed by Tomonobu Itagaki (the same man behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden), is nearly complete and is on track to release in 2014. This will be the team’s first project and will be published by South Korean publisher Doobic Game Studios after THQ, the original publisher, imploded earlier this year.
New games are always exciting, but there is little to nothing about this game out there and it’s coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and Mobile, which is strange. If we had more info, I’d probably be more excited, but until then, this is not that interesting.
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