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Gamer's Source 4-8-2014

Welcome to the Gamer's Source, your place for daily gaming news. Microsoft is detailing the next Xbox One update and Sony and Unity unite for PS Mobile. So, without further ado, the news:


Today Unity has officially announced support for PS Mobile. According to an article on Kotaku, the game engine is not ready for release, but developers can start working to get their mobile games up and running on PS Vitas and start testing. The full release will be available this summer. To enroll, all you have to do is sign up here for a free PS Mobile development license and download Unity here for the engine.  

This is great news for Sony. Unity has so many games being developed on it, and most are really high quality. Though PS Mobile has been an interesting imitative, it lacks a large library to really be usable, so this should help solve this problem.


Microsoft has announced the next update for Xbox One, according to an IGN article. The update will focus on smaller features to help the overall Xbox One experience, including showing Blu Ray playback at 50 Hz (if recorded at 50 Hz), adjustments to the headset and controller plugins to handle a small feedback issue, and the ability to manually update your Xbox One. No release date for the update has been announced as of yet.

Transparency is a beautiful thing, and up until recently Microsoft has been one of the worst about revealing information to it's users. I love that the company is giving us these small bits of information, so at least users can know what's going on next and be excited to get these features. Hopefully this desire to be transparent continues.  

Number THREE!!!

Ubisoft has released more information on The Crew. The game is now slated to come to PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall, much later than the intended release date of March 31st of this year. To see the trailer, check out this article on IGN.

This is one of the few games that many gamers were really looking forward to for next gen. And considering how Ubisoft took a hit on it's share price when the company delayed the game (and Watch_DOgs), I'm sure the company is waiting to release it at the right moment to ensure it's quality. Now the question is: when will Sony release Drive Club and how similar are these two games?

Number FOUR!!!!

A recent study by students at Oxford University has shown that most gamers get aggressive not from violent content within games, but by getting frustrated with games.Testing players after 20 minutes of play showed that the aggression did not stem from the violent content, but from frustration with the difficulty of the game or the game's controls.

Any one who plays games could tell you this is why gamers get violent. Just listening to my friends play games in the living room is proof enough of this. It's always interesting to read the ongoing research with violence and gaming though. If you have time, you should really read the research article.  


A new 3D Mario game is currently in the works at Nintendo. Speaking to Eurogamer, Yoshiaki Koizumi said that Tokyo EAD is already hard at work on the next 3D Mario game, though he did not indicate which platform it would be on. "That’s still a secret! I can tell you, though, that we’ve already started approaching our next challenge.” Koizumi is the director of Super Mario Galaxy and Tokyo EAD is the development team behind Super Mario 3D World, so it is possible this next game could be Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii U.

This is always exciting. Over the past few years Nintendo has released A LOT of 2D Mario games, so hearing another 3D is in development is great news for fans. Maybe we will get an announcement some time around E3.


The newest model of the PS Vita gets a release date. Starting May 6th, users can buy the newest model along with Borderlands 2 bundled together with the handheld. This is pretty sweet. That is all. 

And that's the news! As always, please share these articles with your friends and family. I just finished my review of inFamous: Second Sons, which you can check out here. Spoilers! It's really, REALLY good. Please leave comments below and as always, keep the conversation going.

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