Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gamer's Source 4-16-2014

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Gamer's Source, your destination for gaming news. Sony has decided to sell its shares of Square Enix and longtime running conference Gaymer X is shutting down. So, with out further ado, the news:


Sony will officially be selling it's shares of Square Enix stock this week. Announced via press release, the industry giant will be transferring over its 9 520 000 shares to the SMBC Nikko Securities to the tune of $47 million (which is 4.8 billion yen). This move will help Sony move towards profits for its first quarter and effectively ending the partnership between the two companies.

This is crazy! I didn't even know this fiscal partnership existed, and now that I know I am personally surprised Sony did not sell out sooner. Square Enix was very good to Sony during the PS One and PS2 generation, but has since moved to cross platform publishing. Aside from FF XIV, which launched yesterday on PS4, there hasn't been a reason for Sony to hold on to these shares. It'll be interesting to see how Square Enix is effected by this sale.  


Gaymer X, the LGBT gamer and developer conference, will be shutting down after this year for the foreseeable future. Announced via its blog, the founders site trouble finding sponsors, despite rapid growth. 

"This decision was not made lightly, but one that was made after spending much time looking over numbers, and realizing that trying to create a mega-event of this size, and trying to grow it at the pace that we were trying to keep was becoming unsustainable."

This is interesting, especially when you look at how these expos are expanding each year. At PAX East this past weekend the organizers announced that they were expanding and adding another expo in Texas last year. But this is just proof as to how much money drives these events. Nothing can happen without the financial backing, and it's unfortunate, but hopefully the expo will be back up and running in the next few years.  

Number THREE!!!

Minecraft will get a retail release on PS3. According to PS Blog, the game will release on May 16th on disc and will including all of the updates that have come to the download version, including the newest update 14. Though no price has been given, it will probably cost $20, much like the physical Xbox 360 version.

This seems like an odd choice on paper, but the game sells really well, so I'm sure both Mojang and Sony will get plenty of money off of this. I'll personally be interested to see the sales data, especially when you consider that 1.5 million users have downloaded the game on PS3 already. 

Here's a list of links that are pretty self explanatory, but interesting none the less:
  • inFamous: Second Son's patch comes out tomorrow!
  • The Last of Us final DLC has been detailed.
  • Deadlight now available for Xbox Live Gold members.
Well we have come to the end of another day of news. Make sure to leave some comments below and tell us all your thoughts about what is going on in the gaming industry today. Make sure you share this blog with your friends across the internet. And, as always, keep the conversation going.

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