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Gamer's Source 4-23-2014

Hello and welcome to the Gamer's Source, your destination for gaming news and converstation. Microsoft has finally announced the Japanese release date for Xbox One and Apple finally adds labels for games with in app purchases. So, without further ado, the news:


Microsoft has finally announced it's Japanese release date for the Xbox One. The console will launch in the Land of the Rising Sun on September 4th. This is pretty late considering the difference in release dates between Japan and the West for both Nintendo's and Sony's consoles, and brings one to question just how serious Microsoft is taking the Asian market, especially when looking at the sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan. 


inFamous: Paper Trails ends this weekend with the final missions, and the rewards have been leaked. Announced via Sucker Punch's Twitter page, players will receive Cecilia's Mask and four new jackets for Delsin. 

This is kind of a let down for big fans (such as myself) who saw great potential in this chain of free DLC. Giving paper powers could prove that there was a big reward for such a time consuming DLC and that major developers like Sucker Punch could deliver to players not only great content for free, but prove that free DLC is worth while and not everything needs to have a price tag added on to it. Over all, I understand why the developer did not add the content, but it also feels like a missed opportunity. 

Number THREE!!!

Apple is adding labels to the it's game marketplace indicating games with In App Purchases. Confirmed by Gamasutra, the disclaimer appears right below the price/purchase button, warning purchasers that they will be asked to make purchases within the game. This is a huge win for many families who have been getting surprise bills from children downloading 'free' games and buying in app purchases. 

This obviously doesn't fix everything, but it will at least give consumers the chance to see there are in app purchases within the game before purchasing the game.  

Number FOUR!!!!

New details on the latest Phoenix Wright game has been released. Discussed in Famitsu (and picked up by GameInformer), the game will apparently put the player in the role of Phoenix's ancestors, taking place in the Meiji period in Japan (1868 - 1912). The series creator Shu Takumi will be back as director of the game now that he is done with Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. There is no US release date announced yet.

This is great news from fans of the series, especially those who have felt the franchise is getting weaker and using the same ideas. I love the concept of having to solve crimes in a Japan where technology is limited and knowledge is very much related to the local region (especially in Japan at that time period), though this may also push away some fans. Personally, I'm interested to see where Capcom goes with this game. 

And that's all for today's gaming news. Don't forget to leave some comments below. I love talking to people about their opinions, especially revolving around the different tidbits of today's news. If you like what you see, share this with your friends and fellow gamers on the internet and social media. But, more importantly, keep the conversation going. 

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