Monday, April 7, 2014

Gamer's Source 4-6-2014 Weekend Roundup

Welcome to the Gamer's Source, your destination for gaming news. As always, I have scoured the internet to bring you today's gaming news in one handy little article. Numerous games are losing their online servers at the end of May and Microsoft is (eventually) bringing external memory support to the Xbox One. SO, without further ado, the news:


Numerous games will be losing their online servers as Powered By GameSpy shuts down. As of May 31st, the games will be offline, including every Wii and DS game, according to the service's website. Many companies are reacting differently, though Nintendo has confirmed that all games on Wii and DS will lose their online connectivity as of May 20th.

This is the world we live in. Just like when games lose their popularity and publishers shut down their servers, it really does suck, but it is part of having connectivity online. Hopefully some of these games will find homes, but most have been left behind by the general gaming populace, so it's probably time to just say good bye.  


External storage will be coming to Xbox One soon. Speaking on Reddit, Major Nelson said "Xbox One external support is coming soon... I need to check on media support." 

This is something that many users have been clamoring for and hopefully it comes soon enough. The 360 had the functionality pretty early on and there are plenty of users who lament the lack of the option on the newest console. It's interesting to watch Microsoft slowly fix all the major complaints of the Xbox One. Now if only it had more games.... 

Number THREE!!!

Titanfall's 360 version is being released early thanks to retailers. Images of the game started popping up on Titanfallblog early this morning. According to users, the game has a 1 GB required install. This release comes four days before the official release date of April 8th, after having been delayed from March 25th. 

This is not surprising. Plenty of people are upset about the delay, regardless of what it is for, and retailers want their money as fast as possible, so it just makes sense. Hopefully it is just as good as the Xbox One edition. 

Number FOUR!!!!

A five year old boy has found a loop hole in Xbox One's security. According to a report from ABC, the child entered in his father's password incorrectly and then added some spaces at the end to be let into his account. After reporting the incident, Microsoft has patched the problem and has credited the young boy as a Researcher for the Xbox One security team.

This is pretty crazy. And minor. But good to see Microsoft address it so quickly. This story broke around 9 am and the issue was fixed before 3 pm. Microsoft could use this positive PR, so go team Xbox. 


Microsoft is giving away free Xbox Live Gold away to members who were effected by the black out on March 11th, as spotted by IGN. The free subscription is worth 7 days of Live for members who were trying to get  

And, per usual, there are plenty of smaller news stories that need to be addressed, so here are some links: 
  • PS2 Classic Persona 4 will be coming to PS3 next week.
  • Here's a look at Batman's new suit for the DLC coming out on the 22nd.
  • The E.T. Atari landfill has been given the okay for excavation.
  • Final Fantasy XIV beta on PS4 moves to Phase 2.
  • Doom beta will only be on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Over 12 million players have played Minecraft on Xbox 360.
And that's about it. Today's Friday, so after reading, share with your friends and family, leave a comment down below and then go out and enjoy your weekend. And please, keep the conversation going.  

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