Monday, March 24, 2014

Gamer's Source Weekend Round Up 3-24-14

Welcome to the Gamer's Source, a daily piece that gathers together today's biggest news stories. There's Far Cry 4 news and . Without further ado, here we go....


Eurogamer is reporting details on the next Far Cry game. Set to release in the first half of 2015, the game will take place in the Himalayas and feature snowy levels as well as forest alpine sections, in contrast to Far Cry 3's tropical atmosphere. The game play will stay similar to its predecessor, with a focus on tracking down local fauna to survive. It's still unknown what consoles the game will release on. 


Toy Soldiers developer Signal Studios has bought the rights to the Toy Soldiers IP from Microsoft. Having acquired the rights the studio has released a PC version of the game, which can be purchased on Steam now. This may lead to the game appearing on other platforms in the future, as the developer intends to continue developing the franchise.

Thanks GameInformer!

Number THREE!!!

After rumors and leaks earlier this week, Ubisoft has released a teaser of the new, next gen only Assassin's Creed subtitled Unity. The game will be releasing during holiday season this year. Though little else is known, it's great to see some footage and confirmation that the game will take place during the French Revolution. To see the footage, check out this link to GameInformer.

Number FOUR!!!!

According to the company Twitter account, Marc Ecko has confirmed that a new game is in the works. Contents Under Pressure 2 is being developed now. This is incredibly interesting, as the original game released to decent reviews, but not too great sales. I'm pretty hopeful because any game that allows you to run around and tag buildings with graffiti is going to be fun (hopefully). 

And that's all! Slow news weekend, but still some interesting tidbits. As always, please leave some comments below and share with your friends and family to keep the conversation going.

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