Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gamer's Source 3-20-14

Welcome to today's Gamer's Source, a collection of the top gaming news stories. So without further ado...


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is censored for its Japanese release. Creator Hideo Kojima, revealing this tidbit in an interview with Famitsu Weekly, stated that despite the extremely controversial scene at the end of the game he has been preparing players for for months now, the ratings board for Japan would not let it in the game. Having not yet played the game, I'm curious to see jut what is so controversial that the Japanese don't want it in the game. 

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Epic Games is not working on a new Unreal Tournament. Tim Sweeney spoke at GDC this week, clarifying that the company will talk about the games currently in development when they are ready, but the games will not be in the Unreal Tournament universe. 

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Number THREE!!!

PS4 pre-loading may becoming to the US soon. Speaking on Twitter, Sucker Punch replied to a player stating that pre-loading games bought on the store will be coming in April for North America. 

This is great, as one of the biggest issues with pre-ordering digital games comes from the fact that you have to wait to download them. Pre-loading would allow you to upload the game to the console and at the release date play right away. So excited to here this!

Number FOUR!!!!

Titanfall 2 may very well not be a Microsoft exclusive. Information coming from a report from Polygon states that not only will the game be coming to other consoles than Xbox One and Xbox 360, but that EA will once again be publishing the game.

It makes perfect sense for this third party game to span the console bridge. Microsoft does not own the rights to the IP and EA is always looking to make as much money as possible, so this is a pretty substantial hit to Microsoft, which has been using the first game release as a means to push Xbox One game consoles. 


The game isn't even out yet and Sucker Punch is already announcing a day one update for inFamous: Second Sons. However, this isn't a stability patch, but a patch to bring over 5 hours of extra content to the game. Detailed by VideoGamer, this patch will include the Legacy of Cole DLC (which is free for all who pre-ordered the game) as well as add in the Paper Trail missions, which are missions that will build over the next few weeks to help bring to light the reason the DUP have occupied Seattle.

This is awesome. I personally love it when developers can wrap up some extra content into the patches, and this does not seem to disappoint. Extra story layers are always welcome, especially in a universe as interesting as inFamous. The added plus of some fine tuning right before it hits the masses is also good. I so can't wait to play this game tomorrow night!

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