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Gamer's Source 3-18-14

Good afternoon and welcome to the Gamer's Source, your source for daily news on the gaming industry. From more info on Epic's newest game to Xbox One release schedule, there's a lot to talk about. So without further ado...


Microsoft has revealed release information for its newest console to ship to more countries this year. Totaling to 26 new countries, the list includes Japan and Denmark by September of this year. For a full list of the countries, check out this IGN article. 

It does seem like the console is coming a bit late to these new areas, but it could also be just enough time for PS4 to cool down so that Microsoft can swoop in to the market.


During GDC today Epic announced that the developer is working on a brand new IP. Though screens shown indicate the new game franchise will be similar to the 'Samaritan' demo the company used to show off Unreal Engine a few years ago. At the moment there is no finite information other than the franchise does not have a publishing partner, meaning that unlike Gears of War, it is likely the game will be coming to multiple platforms. 

Thanks Polygon

Number THREE!!!

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Microsoft is also working on its own VR headset to accompany its newest console. Multiple sources point to the headset being in development as well as a few patents filed by the company. This is unsurprising as the popularity of the Oculus Rift headset in the developer community has spurred Sony to develop its own headset and Microsoft will want to be as competitive with the Japanese company as possible. 

Number FOUR!!!!

Walmart is entering the used games business. Starting March 26th, the retailer will trade in-store credit for used games in over 3100 stores across the US. This is unsurprising as other retailers, such as Best Buy, have moved to this billion dollar industry. 

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Twitch streaming is upon us for mobile gaming. In a partnership with Gameloft, the streaming service will be available first with racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne. On top of streaming, players will also be able to archive footage or share on social media. 

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And once again it's been a great news day, so here are some other things you should know that are going on in the gaming sphere:

  • Blizzard has finally closed Diablo 3's Auction House
  • EA's Sim City is finally playable offline 
  • Witcher developer working on a brand new mobile game 
  • Vita is getting some great media apps, including Hulu Plus
I hope you enjoy today's news. As always, share with your friends and family, leave some comments below and please continue to keep the conversation going.

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