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Gamer's Source 3-24-14

Welcome to the Gamer's Source, your daily gaming news brought to you in one place. Twitch Plays Pokemon is moving on to the next day and the cult classic Half Minute Hero is bringing another game to the west. So, without further ado...


There are over 50 new Unity games in development for Wii-U. Senior Manager of Marketing Damon Baker spoke with Siliconera last week at GDC, highlighting 17 games that have been submitted and many more on the way.

This is great for Nintendo gamers and such an important step for the game company. Nintendo likes to keep a tight leash on what goes on with it's consoles, so the fact that the company is opening up to this degree is pretty amazing. Hopefully the success will push Nintendo to want to open up more to smaller developers. 


Microsoft is planning a big E3 this year. Speaking to Famitsu (through DualShockers), Phil Spencer confirmed two games made by two Japanese developers exclusively for Xbox One will coincide with the launch of the console in Asian markets. He also hints to some great announcements at Tokyo Game Show and E3 this year, showing "something never shown before." 

This is great to hear. Microsoft really needs to prepare for its launch in the Asian market. Xbox 360 failed in Japan, and with Sony being so successful in so many markets, Microsoft needs to gain some traction in all areas that Xbox One is available, including Japan. Hopefully this isn't hyperbole and we actually see something really cool that we HAVEN'T seen before.   

Number THREE!!!

After defeating Red at the end of Pokemon Crystal, Twitch Plays Pokemon has moved on to Pokemon Emerald. The game has been going for more than 48 hours now and still going strong. Interestingly enough, an update to the formula has added a small menu bar at the bottom to display the current Pokemon in the party to alleviate the need to constantly go to the menu to see what current Pokemon are in the party.

This social experiment continues on with a stronger community behind it. I love it!

Thanks GameInformer

Number FOUR!!!!

It looks like Diablo III will be coming to Xbox One as well as PS4. Speaking with VideoGamer, lead producer Alex Mayberry stated that it makes more sense for them to develop for both consoles at the same time. However, he was quick to say that there is no way he could confirm it officially as he wasn't sure where Microsoft was with the announcement. 

This is pretty cool and not surprising what so ever.   


With the release of inFamous: Second Sons the PS4 has doubled in sales in the UK. The game also debuted at #1 over the weekend. This boost is larger than the boost that Titanfall gave Xbox One in the UK, but only by a few percentage points. 

Further fuel to the fire that is the Sony/Microsoft console wars. We are already seeing suppliers cut the Xbox One by 50 pounds to make it more competitive with PS4, and the Titanfall sales obviously helped push more units, but Sony's big spring title seems to be pushing it as well. I can't wait to see what both companies (as well as Nintendo) have to lay out at E3 this year. 

Thanks MCV!

And here are a few smaller stories that were announced today:
  • Hotline Miami will make its way to PS4.
  • PS Vita exclusive will be coming to all Sony consoles.
  • The sequel to PSP game Half Minute Heroes is coming West.
  • Titanfall Xbox One bundle now $450 on Amazon. 
And that seems to be all there is today. As always, feel free to leave some comments below. How do you feel about today's news? Share with your friends and family on the Twitter sphere and as always, keep the conversation going.

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