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Gamer's Source 3-19-14

Welcome to the Gamer's Source! Daily gaming news updates gathered from across the web for your convenience. Sony announces its solution to Oculus Rift and . So without further ado.....


Shuhei Yoshida has announced Sony's solution to Oculus Rift titled Project Morpheus. Announced at GDC yesterday, the headset will output at 1080p with a 90 degree field of view. The headset will use its own accelerometers to determine movement and the PlayStation Camera will be used to determine accuracy of these movements. Though no games have been announced to use the technology yet, Shuhei promises that the development kits are in developer hands. Check out his blog post for more info.

This is not at all surprising to hear. Rumors have been leaking for months now about Sony breaking into the VR headset market. Even Microsoft is rumored to be creating one. This step seems to be the next trend in the industry, with the popularity of Oculus Rift rising every day, but whether it's just a phase (like 3D or movement controls) is still yet to be seen. I'd love to see some extremely immersive hardcore games come from this.


Yesterday during a GDC panel, creative director of Minority Games Vander Caberello announced a new title from the studio. Though Silent Enemy, a game about bullying for current gen consoles and PCs, is still in the works, the studio has started work on a new gen title called Cali. Though no firm details have been given, the game will focus on the concept of love.

It is interesting to hear this studio continue to make these games based on emotions and life experiences, but lets get one game out before announcing another.

Thanks GameInformer!

Number THREE!!!

Sony has announced the newest patch for the PS4. The patch will add in the ability to capture game streams through external devices, a feature many people have been adamantly upset about since the console's launch. Editing for captured video will now also be available as well as the ability to output video and pictures to a USB drive. 

All of this is great news. Fans have been really upset with the fact that Sony has left these features out, especially when Xbox One is capable of most of them (in some capacity). Personally, I'm stoked because now I can record screen shots and capture video directly on my PS4 rather than hunting down footage and photos online for my reviews. So prepare for them to spruce up a bit in the near future.

Number FOUR!!!!

Titanfall for Xbox 360 is delayed once again. Announced on EA's blog, the game will be delayed once again to give Bluepoint Games some more time for polish. 

This is slightly unsettling. No one has seen this game run on 360. The largest install base for the game is the 360, and though Bluepoint Games has an excellent track record, it's hard to ignore the fact that this game is looking more and more likely to be bad. We shall see April 11th.


Epic Games is releasing its newest game engine under a subscription model. For $19 a month, anyone from the general public can use Unreal Engine 4, the companies newest and most powerful game engine. Developers can release on PC, Mac, Android and iOS with a 5% revenue fee.

This is so great because we now have this powerful engine available rather than having to wait years for it to become open to the public for free. Unreal Engine is insanely powerful and the ability to create games on it for such a minimal fee is pretty insane. It's hard not to believe that this is a response to other game engines becoming so popular *cough cough Unity*.

Thanks IGN!

And once again we have so much news to talk about, thanks to GDC:
  • Valve's documentary is out today.
  • Project Spark is getting tweaks thanks to beta feedback.
  • Sony is partnering with more software companies to make developing for PS4 easier for more developers.
  • There may be two Assassin's Creed games released this fall.
  • Titanfall 2 may be owned by EA.
And that's all! As always, share with your friends and family on the interweb. If you like what's going on here or want to talk, leave some comments below. And as always, keep the conversation going.   

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