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Gamer's Source 2-17-14

Welcome to Gamer's Source, a daily news segment with the top five news stories in gaming today. As always, there are opinions and speculation, so feel free to share your own in the comments. Without further ado...

Number ONE!

Yoshinori Kase has released some comments about the possible remake of Final Fantasy 7. Speaking with Eurogamer, the director said "if you simply ask me if I personally would like to do that, yes I would. But you must believe me when I say it would take a lot to happen." Specifically, he noted the budget and staff availability being the major sticking points on the project. He also noted that he has no idea about a possible remake of Final Fantasy XII, to my own chagrin.

Though it's nice hearing that someone within the company is still thinking about a project that fans want, it's a shame that Square Enix is not actually making any progress on this project, especially seeing how dismal the franchise has been recently. 

Number TWO!!

Harmonix has announced a new project titled Chroma. Working with Hidden Path Entertainment, the two will be making a first person shooter/ rhythm game hybrid. While the typical tropes of shooters are apparent, including classes and primary/secondary weapons, the rhythm of the music plays an important part in how abilities work. This can be anything from a grenade being thrown, which will only explode on the downbeat, to the level layout, which changes as the music changes. Each player will be able to customize his/her loadout as well as their very own background music, which plays while the player moves and shoots and uses abilities. 

Overall, this is an incredibly exciting announcement. We've known for quite some time that the company was working on a "game" game, and this hybrid mix of a shooter and rhythm game seems like something only Harmonix could pull off. Plus, Hidden Path Entertainment has a basic pedigree with shooters, having developed Counter Strike: GO, which was well received, so it seems like a good match up. I'm pretty excited to see how this one turns out. Unfortunately, the game is only announced for PC so far, but I have my fingers crossed.

Thanks IGN!

NUMBER Three!!!

David Cage has been announced for a Legion of Honor Award. The French national award, which was created by Napoleon, is awarded to individuals whom have spent 20 years or over in the service of a public industry. Cage is founder of Quantic Dreams, the developer behind Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

Thanks Gamasutra!

NUMBER Four!!!!

Microsoft has decided to try different price plans for digital releases. Speaking on Twitter today, studio manager Mike Ybarra announced that Ryse: Son of Rome would be the first game to attempt this varying price point. Between February 18th through the 24th, Ryse will be $40, with all the currently available download content getting discounts up until the 24th, when the newest piece of download content will be released.

This is an important move for Microsoft, who has been seeing some flack since last E3, however, I can't see how one game being discounted will show how well the pricing will work, especially a game as divisive as Ryse: Son of Rome.


After a round of really heart breaking tweets detailing about how the final installment of Zero Escape is not in development, Western fans have taken to Facebook to petition to bring the game into development. The latest game in the series, Virtues Last Reward, ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, leaving many fans upset. Creator Kotaro Uchikoshi stated the game would not come to fruition due to the game being unsuccessful in Japan, despite being so popular in the West. 

This is devastating, especially for such a unique series. If you have not played Virtues Last Reward, go play it. Now. The game is amazing. 

And that's all for today. Go enjoy your games and please keep the conversation going.

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