Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Square Enix Wants Developers for Old Franchises, Including Gex and Fear Effect

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Square Enix has become quite a juggernaut over the years, picking up developers like Crystal Dynamics to increase the company's game library. Now, the publisher/developer is looking for help developing some of it's older franchises. 

Speaking through The Square Enix Collective (and picked up via IGN), Square Enix is looking to not only take original IP proposals, but proposals for any of it's older series, including Gex and Fear Effect. “I’m excited to see what talented teams might do with any one of Gex, Fear Effect or Anachronox IPs," says the Collective project lead Phil Elliot. "We’ll monitor the response carefully before deciding which IPs to release next.”

Once proposals have been given, Square Enix will need to pre-approve anything that goes into the game, with explanations given for anything that is not approved. This internal vetting process is used to ensure that any of the ideas presented are worth looking into for the franchise. These proposals don't have to be direct sequels, rather ideas that will help generate and move the franchises forward.

“If the response is good, then it’s into crowdfunding, which no doubt begs an important question: Why ask gamers to pay for a game to be made if it’s using our IP?" continues Elliot. "Well, because it will still be the responsibility of the independent developer to build the game – and the developer will still be the key beneficiary of its success.”

Would you be excited to see another Gex or Fear Effect? For more news on Square Enix and gaming today, keep your eyes on The Jesters Court.

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