Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gamer's Source 6-3-2014 - 6-4-2014

Hello and welcome to the Gamer's Source, your destination for the gaming conversation. Sony has FINALLY decided to discontinue the PSP and the Xbox One will be getting a GPU boost. So, without further ado, the news:


Sony has finally announced that it would be discontinuing the PSP in Japan. The decision comes from a desire to sell more PS Vita units, with two new colors and bundles announced for the Land of the Rising Sun. The PSP has sold over 80 million units world wide since 2004.

This needed to happen the year the Vita launched. Unlike consoles, which are fairly costly and demand time within the household, handhelds are easy to pick up and put down. Without a reason to switch to Vita, many Japanese developers continued to create games for the PSP because the fanbase was so large, creating a game vacuum for the PS Vita. Hopefully this will boost Vita sales and keep the handheld up, becuase I love my Vita. Gravity Rush 2 better be at E3!


It is official: the Xbox One development kit will be getting an update with more GPU. Announced via Twitter today, Phil Spencer stated that the June update will give more GPU bandwidth to create more flexible and powerful tools for making games.  

This GPU has to come from somewhere, and that place is more than likely the Kinect section that was originally forced off limits to developers not using the Kinect. Just another nail in the already dying peripheral.

Number THREE!!!

Amazon France has posted a PS4/PS Vita bundle on the site. Found by IGN, the bundle seems to make the two consoles about the same price as if buying them individually. Little else is known at this time, but with the Sony press conference on Monday, I'm sure we will here more.

This is something Sony has needed to do for a while now to prove the worth of having both a PS4 and a PS Vita, but with a price that is not any different, why would anyone buy it over just purchasing two separate bundles that come with perks?  

Here are some links from the passed few days that are interesting, but pretty self explanatory: 
  • Natsume will internally publish a new Harvest Moon game on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Razer releasing an interesting new mobile game controller in July.
  • Crytek announces new game by Vigil Games alumni: Hunt, a mix of Van Helsing and Left 4 Dead.
  • Watch_Dogs sells 4 million in first week.
  • New Samurai Warriors game coming to PS4 and PS Vita.
  • Terraria is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.
  • Battlefield Hardline beta open to PS4 owners who attend Sony's E3 Experience. 
  • EarthNight coming to PS4 and Vita and Night in the Woods coming to PS4. 
  • Dark Souls II DLC announced.
  • Hohokum releases on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita August 12th. 
That's all for today! Please feel free to leave some comments below. I'd love to hear your thoughts on a PS4/ PS Vita bundle. Share this site with anyone else who likes gaming and, as always, keep the conversation going.

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